Vive La France!!

September 2013

Summer holidays. This time the in-laws rented a large villa slightly more inland, in the little village of Châteauneuf-Grasse. Beautifully located in the hills, the villa was a typically French, rustic cottage  with light green shutters and all the amenities you could hope for on a relaxing holiday.

The setting sun created some idyllic scenes at the villa. A quick tour of the grounds revealed not only a heated swimming pool but also a competition size petanque pitch...

After a quick dip in the pool we settled in with some drinks and nibbles to bask in the endless possibilities of the next 2 weeks.

French summer at its most enjoyable...

21 km from Cannes, Châteauneuf-Grasse is a little cul-de-sac in the Alpes-Maritimes area of the French Riviera.

With the heated pool there was never any excuse not to get in so much time was spent under water.


Club 55 Cool
I believe I can fly...

Club cinquante-cinque  

Jack talks Smack
Club 55 is one of my favourite locations on the southern French coast and luckily we were able to spend two sunny afternoons at this relaxing beach hut. With my brother and his family there for the second visit it was a fantastic family day out! Even the mini's loved it there!

Little People
Little and Large

Jeu de Boulle

Amongst the numerous activities, 2014 will long be remembered for the inaugural Game of Balls. Epic battles were fought on the hallowed turf of the pétanque pitch.

Jack checks the Crack

Right there is where I saw that elephant

All in all another fantastic French holiday to wrap up the summer...


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