Danger Tanning

People often ask me, "Marnix, how is it that you always have a such a beautiful tan?!!"

Well, I can sit here and claim all sorts of fantastic theories but the simple answer is, Danger Tanning. That's how!

The act of danger tanning is an invention of mine that has been perfected over many years. A long process that has demanded patience, resolve and perfection on my part and years of abuse, ridicule and laughter from friends and the general public.

Danger Tanning is not for the faint of heart and therefore I would like to add this disclaimer right from the start, "Don't try this at home kids! Or abroad for that matter. In fact you could probably quite easily try this at home seeing as the weather isn't sunny enough....but just don't do it".
ok good.

DT requires extremely precise timing when it comes to exposing my well trained physique to the rays of the old fire ball in the sky. Over the years it has started to come naturally to me but this has taken years to develop.

Many people do not understand why I live so close to the edge but the truth of the matter is that to me life should be lived on the edge, otherwise why do we even take the leap in the first place.

All I can say to those would be danger tanners is, be brave, be careful, be dangerous! 


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