Party in Portugal

12 Aug - 17 Aug 2014

4 days in the beautiful wine country and nature reserve of Arrábida, Portugal. Together with 3/4 of the Supper club, sun, barbecue food and local beer. What more can you ask for? 

Organised by the Galliford's this little getaway was the perfect Amuse Bouche to the rest of our summer. The vila was perfect. The garden surrounding the vila even better.

Sun still setting...

Sagres beer is surprisingly tasty when drunk in large volumes from little round bottles. As well as out of kegs.

On one of the days we ventured south into Parque Natural da Arrábida, skirting the coats until we hit the lovely Portinho da Arrábida with at its tip (barely visible in the photograph below) the beautiful Forte de Santa Maria da Arrábida. 

Beautiful Coastline


After Kat and Stew flew back home we stayed for a few more days. On one of which we visited the seaside town of Sesimbra, where we had a lovely, albeit waiter-less dinner on the boulevard followed by a stroll through the centre of town. One thing that grabbed my attention was how many toddlers and kids were accompanying their parents on a late (we're talking past 11pm) night out!

Blonde Tourists

The art of a good barbecue is all in the preparation and setup.

BBQ banter - It's an art (allegedly)

The night before the Moore's left we had a night out in the local village and couldn't resist a quick group snap with the sundown behind us...

Supper Club


Good times...


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