Bruce Banner in Lycra

I feel the English need to be educated on bicycle nomenclature. They seem awfully confused as to what constitutes a "road bike" and what a "race bike".

The difference between the Dutch cycling culture and the British cycling culture can be explained through the simple description of the bike.

In the UK this... called a road bike.

In the Netherlands it is called by it's proper name, a RACE bike.

People who ride these bicycles ride them because they are members of a racing team or club and take them out at the weekends to ride in the country side or to the mountain side to train and to get fit.

Not so in London. No.

In the English capital they are used by really angry, fat business men in brightly coloured leggings and muscle tops. As soon as they get on their "road bikes" to go to work they transform into shouting, swearing balls of fury. In many ways they are very similar to the Hulk. Whatever you do, don't anger them!

Although, aside form the Dr Jekyll style behaviour, what I find most surprising as well as extremely amusing, is just how much the London cyclist loves lycra. And I mean they LOVE it. The tighter and the brighter the better. I have never seen so many fat men in tights on racing bikes. You have to admire their confidence (or lack shame).

And so my amazing journey of discovery continues...


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