My youth spent at Bottmingen's Gartenbad

Many of the happiest days of my childhood were spent at our local swimming pool in Bottmingen, das Gartenbad beim Schloss. If I wasn't on the school basketball courts I would be found in the public swimming pool with my brother and my friends.

Located on our doorstep, my brother and I would spend entire days and long summer afternoons lounging in the swimming pool's grounds. The diving board was the focal point of our fascination. French fries and ice creams for lunch. People watching and games for fun. Being the home town of Roger Federer as well, and being of a similar age we probably bumped into each other on many occasions without knowing it! Or not. He was most likely spending 100% of his free time on the tennis courts...

We all have a memory and a location from our youth that has a special place in our heart. A place that conjures up warm, happy feelings of days gone by. Nostalgic gold. Well, this one is high up on my list.

Thinking back on those days is bittersweet. I would give anything to revisit those carefree days where I had no responsibilities and no worries. The world was a better place and as a youngster we weren't infested with mobile phones and 24/7 media infesting our minds. We spent the days being active and enjoying daily life without any worries.

Well, if you're ever in the neighbourhood make sure you visit das Gartenbad am SchloƟ! A wonderful public swimming pool on the Birsig.


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