Around the World in my House

For as long as i can remember i have daydreamed about traveling around the world in the comfort of my family home. Is it not the most cozy thought and in some ways the ultimate luxury to see the world but still be able to sleep in your own bed at night?!

My daydreams come in one of two versions. Either an "Up" version, where my house would be able to up sticks and simply lift off the ground and fly away, enabling me to see the world from the sky in a sort of luxury hot air house. The other version is of a more nautical variety, where my house would be able to float down any stream, creek or cross the open sea unabated by monster waves or deadly storms safe in the knowledge that I am comfortably tucked away in my warm house watching the world go by.

How cool is THAT?!

Well I think it's pretty damn cool.

I think it is the manifestation of a combination of my love for the 'home life' and my innate lust for traveling. The ultimate travel companion. Your own house. All your clothes. All your books. Your fire place. Your own comfy sofa with accompanying blanket. All while you float down the Amazon, monkeys all around, crocodiles swimming by your living room window.

Maybe one day...


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