The Decline of British Airways!

Its like the crumbling of the empire, the decline
of a British institute, British Airways is no longer what it once was and it echoes the current struggle of the British people with its country's core values.

The Great British Bakeoff. Great British Railway Journeys. The Great British This, The Great British That! Nothing screams national identity crisis like a surge in and promotion of "The Great British" so and so. Great Britain is no longer so Great and everyone knows it.

This confusion about what GB actually stands for these days is recognisable all around, including the once Greatest Airline in the world. When British Airways is remembered for its blemishes and its past glory they are in trouble.

My most recent experience was so dire I felt the need to tell those 1 or 2 people that land on my blog by accident all about it! So on our way back from holiday in Turkey, before it turned into a war zone, the service was terrible. Having flown with Turkish Airlines on the way out and received special bags for Millie's buggy and having our seats arranged so that we had an entire row between the three of us we had high hopes for the return flight seeing as it was with British Airways, renowned for its customer service...

Alas the reality was quite the opposite in fact! No special bags for the buggy. No seat arrangement because the plane was full, which later turned out wasn't the case (by any stretch) and the childless couple in the seats behind us in fact had the entire row to themselves! The entire experience was embarassing and altogether rather tedious to be perfectly honest.

Hopefully British Airways can find itself again and return to its former glory. Either that or it will need to re-invent itself. Their latest relaunch with the slogan To Fly. To Serve. is definitely a step in the right direction!


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