World Champions of America!

   I love the Sepos, I really do. Always have. Maybe a little bit less now that they have collectively chosen Donald Trump as their new leader but still, on the whole they are a happy and friendly bunch who's company I have always enjoyed.

There are however a few things that irk me about those patriotic bastards and being a sports nut none as much as their insisting on calling their national sports champions, World Champions. The notion is so unbelievably snot nose arrogant it's hard to fathom.

I grant that no other basketball club or national team anywhere in the world would stand even a remote chance against the Chicago bulls of the early 1990's, or would any European national collection of American football players hold up any hope against the Denver Broncos of Peyton Manning. However this is not the point.

For starters, the yearly NFL champions can't even, legitimately call themselves Continental Champions, let alone World Champions! It's not called the NATIONAL Football League for shits and giggles. It's called the NATIONAL Football League because the teams competing in the league are all from one Nation! It's not f*cking rocket science. I mean why stop there? They should just go ahead and call themselves Intergalactic Champions of the Universe.

If every national competition in the world would do the same can you imagine how many soccer World Champions there would be?!

It's actually a little bit like when you are young and you are alone on the basketball court talking out loud as you try fadeaway jumpers to 'win the NBA championship'. If you make the shot you're obviously not an NBA champion but it sure sounds cool as you say it and make fake crowd noises when the ball hits nothing but net! Michael Jordan shoots, it hangs in the air for ages...and he makes it! Wooaaaaaaahhh and the Chicago Bulls are World Champions!!

They're definitely World Champions at choosing shit presidents, I'll give them that one hands down.


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