Word of the Week: Thundersnow

It was a very difficult decision because Golden shower gate also threw up a significant challenge. Pissing prostitutes and former MI6 agents going dark, how good is that!?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the competence of London’s public transport this week considering they usually crawl into a corner and shit themselves at the mere whisperings of inclement weather, possible leaves on the line, or a failure of those pesky “signals”. 

The MET office issue weather warnings faster than you can say “Hey look, it’s snowing” claiming there is a distinct possibility that the UK will be wiped out by tsunamy like flash floods caused by 2 cm of snow falling in a small village in northern Scotland. Whole towns are being evacuated. It’s brilliant. The Canadians must look at this every time and giggle. 

Another place where there will be much myrth and giggling is Moscow. What they’ve managed to achieve is a bit like forcing your dopey friends (me) arm up in class when the teacher asks a question and he wasnt paying attention. Then watch him squirm and make a complete clown of himself and swear you had nothing to do with it. 

At the end of all the thundersnow storms and political golden showers we end the week on a lovely, touching note from the surprisingly endearing daughters of George W Bush. 

They wrote an open letter to Obama’s two girls to guide them into their new lives as they leave the White House...

"You stood by as your precious parents were reduced to headlines. Your parents, who put you first and who not only showed you but gave you the world. As always, they will be rooting for you as you begin your next chapter. And so will we."


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