The House is still on Fire

The Chiltern Firehouse is still very much burning bright.

With a social scene so hot you have to be careful not to burn your tongue. The food is still spectacular  and the decor sparkles. One of the best dining experiences in London currently, without a doubt.

We had the tasting menu and although not a cheap option it does give you the best flavour of the House. Luckily one of our lot chose some excellent wine to accompany the meal, which i do think is crucial to dragging the most out of the experience. 

The bar area is also a fantastic place to warm up for the meal. Some light stretching of the tastebuds with a cracking menu of cocktails and fizzy beverages.

There is also a secret door at the back of the toilets that leads to I'm told. The chefs below are from there. So I'm told.

The restaurant also supplies hair models...

The only peculiar thing about the Chiltern Firehouse is that they chuck you out the back door at the end of the meal and don't allow you back into the bar area....

Other than that a superb Fireside meal!


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