The Earpiece (aka Douchepiece)

I think they're also called headsets.

Not only do you look like the biggest tool this side of the digital revolution, you must be one of the laziest people in the world.You can't even be bothered to answer your telephone like a normal human being. And for that reason alone you should be publicly shamed and you should have dirty nappies thrown at you.

I actually think that anybody who is caught in public using one of these douchepieces should be stopped by the police and fined. And it is entirely up to the arresting officer to decide as a matter of personal opinion, on a scale of 0-10 (10 representing Thundercunt status), how much to fine the fucker.


It's a bit like diving in soccerball you see. Nothing is being done about it but we all hate the people who employ the shameful habit. Well, in line with the recent changes in the rules of football, enabling the officials to retrospectively clamp down on the artistic form of 'Die Schwalbe', I think it is about time we eradicate 'the Headset' from society in similar fashion.


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