Countryfile: 3. Barbeque Banter

Now that we have the necessary space I felt I should get a proper barbeque. One that makes me feel manly and look cool while I burn my daughters sausages.

The only thing that worries me is weather I've missed this years window. We had that 3 day, 17 degrees heat wave a while back and so I might have to resign myself to barbequeing in the rain in my skiing gear.

I did a fair bit of research on what barbeque to get. Gas, coal, smoker, bunsen burner or flamethrower. In the end I went for a combination of all of them. My BBBBQ has a gas bit, a coal bit, an open flame hot plate and a smoke drum attached to the end. Boom! How f**king manly am I?!

I can now act like a proper barbeque know-it-all twat eventhough I know more about origami and flower arranging than I do about barbequeing a shoulder of lamb properly. But you see, that doesn't matter, it's all about having a big one. And I've got a big one.


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