Countryfile: 5. Vegetable Garden

I ate a salad grown in my own garden today. I'm living off the land. Self sustainable.
I'm not going to lie, the real reason is my FOMO when Brexit kicks in.

Once we leave the EU who knows when we will see fresh Brussels sprouts again. The Frogs will undoubtedly stop sending us Artichokes and we can wave ciao ciao to the Broccoli!

So I took advantage of that first week in May which was the entirety of the British summer and got a right good haul out of it. I'm proud as peanuts to be honest.

Bring on Brexit!

 If we stick to one Salad leaf per meal we should easily make it to the end of June. So screw you Jean-Claude Juncker!

I might start growing an Orange tree next...


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