Transgender Olympics

I think transgenderisers should have their own Olympic games. The Trans Olympics. What a wonderful concept! Plus it would be morally unfair to expect her to be able to compete against "them". 

Just think of the fun you'd have watching the 10m platform diving finals trying to guess what gender they identify with. It could be a brilliant drinking game. 25 dives in and you're absolutely hasselhoffed because you guessed 16 out of the 25 were born with willies when actually they weren't. 

Boy or Girl?

I would watch that. If i'd watched everything on Disney+, Amazon Prime and Netflix and there were no reruns of Friends on Comedy Central I would seriously consider watching the Translympics. 

There was a considerable amount of controversy around the inclusion of transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard in the women's weightlifting at the recent Tokyo Olympics.

I suppose the question I would have is, what is stopping, hypothetically of course, someone like Mike Tyson "identifying" as a female (transgender) and signing up to participate in the women's heavyweight division at the Olympics? Currently the only criteria in place is that the level of testosterone in the (female) athletes body is below a particular value prior to competition, that being 10 nanomoles per litre (for the connoisseurs).

On the flip side it does open the door for me to fulfil my life long dream of competing at the Olympic Games. I think I might keep my lockdown hair, apply for a British passport and go for the women's GB hockey team for the Paris 2024 games. They're shithouse anyway. 


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