Football will never come home, but Hooliganism has!

 Unfortunately football is not going to come home anytime soon. What definitely has come home however is hooliganism, thuggery and racism! Yay! 

But maybe these hooligans sang the single worst and most irritating song in football history referencing the fact that the Euros somehow, sneakily turned into a home Euros for England, where England played every single game at Wembley, bar one. 

Amazingly England made it to the finals only to trip over their own patriotic shoelaces, face planting into a pile of horse shit, losing their tracksuit bottoms in the process, accidentally inhaling their green laser pointer, chocking on their racism and subsequently never making it to another knockout phase in a big tournament ever again. But other than that it was a wonderfully successful tournament.... 

England were so busy telling everyone "it's coming home" that they failed to acknowledge the far better playing, far prettier, more relaxed, more experienced, suave, smiley pasta lovers who's only claim to hooliganism was holding up signs asking the English to 'stop putting pineapple on their pizza'. 

So in conclusion, football has very much NOT come home, it never will and considering the general experience and behaviour of the fans, it never should either!

Cam on Englund!!


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