Gifford Circus: Magic for the soul

The Hooleys. 

A place of wonder and imagination. Within the multicoloured tent lies a magical world of marvel and laughter. Gifford circus is one such place. I have been to Circus Knie in Switzerland and Circe du Soleil at the Albert Hall but the small, warm, village green, family atmosphere of Gifford Circus, for me, is what the circus is all about. 

There is a real charm and warmth to Gifford Circus. This years theme was a realisation of Nell Gifford's imagination brought to life. The Hooley. A world of pixies, fairies, trolls and leprechauns, all to the backdrop of wonderful Celtic music and dancing.

Gifford circus takes me back to being young and careless. It makes me feel warm, fuzzy and happy. The late afternoon summer sun reflects off the multicoloured tent stripes, illuminating the gently floating specks of sawdust. The sweet smell of popcorn lifts your senses as you wonder amongst the other patrons.

As the show is about to start your slip into the tent entrance, through the tent flaps and into a dazzling world of enchantment, music and laughter. 

As a child I was never all that excited about the circus. I always felt it was tied to animal cruelty and that thought took any joy out of it for me. Nowadays, I think it's safe to say the scrutiny of animal welfare is so stringent that this is no longer an issue. On top of which, Gifford Circus doesn't perform with animals that shouldn't be performing in a tent or living with a traveling circus. No elephants, lions, monkeys or bears. 

I couldn't think of a more timely visit to the circus. With the world in disarray as it is, an unprecedented uncertainty to life, is there a more comforting feeling, a better way of feeding the soul, than running away to the circus to see Tweedy the Clown and sing and dance along to magical fairies and wild horses?!   


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