Dear Hockey

Dear Hockey,

I fell in love with you from the moment I held my first Karachi King. The deciding moments of the olympic gold medal game on the line. I've broken free with just the keeper to beat, the crowd rise in unison... 

I will always be that little kid that fell in love with you all those years ago. The smell of fresh cut grass, my teammates in the huddle. From the age of 7 you had my heart and soul. 

Basler Hockey Club asked for my hustle, I gave my heart. Noordwijk Hockey Club asked for all my effort, I gave my soul. Lewes Hockey Club asked for 110 percent, I gave my love and joy. Not because the challenge called me, but because you called me. 

Dear Hockey,

You have given me everything. You were my first love and my longest love. As a little boy you introduced me to a love that has never dwindled and never faded. 

A love for you and everything you have brought into my life. You have taken me from the grass fields at the foot of the Alps to the tulips fields of home, and the white cliffs of Britannia.

Through 2 hip operations, 2 knee operations, broken fingers, numerous stitches and thousands of scrapes and scabs my love has never wavered. And although my body can't take it anymore, my heart beats for you as strong as it ever has. 

No matter where the journey takes me next, I will always be that 7 year old, wooden stick in hand, standing shoulder to shoulder with my teammates, ready to do battle. 


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